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North Hills Fencing Club

Costs and Requirements - Non NHSD Fencers
Useful Stuff
Coaching Staff
Rules, Requirements, and Costs

(All checks, unless stated otherwise are to be made out to Head Coach Amber Davis)


1.      $15 for beginner’s class – due no later than the second class/ $10 per month per person every month thereafter (families with 3+ fencers pay $30 per month).

This goes for club insurance, dues, and equipment.


2.      $8.93 for a fencing glove – due no later than the second practice

This is the only piece of equipment that the fencer is required to purchase.  If a fencer wishes to order equipment they can order on their own or through the club from companies which offer club discounts.


3.      Medical form – due no later than the second practice

No student will be allowed to do anything involving blades until these three requirements have been met.


4.      USFA Form – this is not required but is recommended as it provides insurance and no fencer can compete in competition without it. 

~Note that checks sent in with the USFA forms are to be made out to the United States Fencing Association

~A copy of this form has been included with the medical form.  Additional copies may be obtained from Ms. Davis, or the official USFA website:  (click on “Info for Members” on the left side choose “forms”  click on “USFA (current year) Membership form”

Note: you need Adobe Acrobat Viewer to view this form.  There is a link at the bottom of the forms page that will take you to Adobe’s free download section)

~Generally the application will take about 4-5 weeks to process.  When the fencer receives their USFA cards they are to give Ms. Davis a photocopy of their card and to show her the actual card. 


Fencers who do not submit this cannot compete in USFA events.


5.      Fundraisers - Participation in fundraisers is optional but encouraged – We will have2-3 fundraisers per school year selling candy and/or fudge.


This is for North Hills School District members and is not required of non NHSD fencers.


6.      Attendance

~Will be taken at every practice

~This is for the coaching staff’s benefit as an aid for instruction


7.      Transportation

~Students should always have a ride home from practice.  Coming to practice and asking around for a ride home is not acceptable.  Parents must be on time to pick up their children.  The coaching staff is not paid for their time and do not have time to wait with students for rides home.  However, if there are no other groups in the facility at the end of fencing practice we cannot leave the fencers on their own outside.  Therefore it is imperative that those picking up the fencers be on time.