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North Hills Fencing Club

Useful Stuff
Coaching Staff
Rules, Requirements, and Costs

Allstar USA

1180 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Voice: (415) 863-7911
Fax: (415) 431-4931

Blade Fencing

280 N. Midland Ave Bldg N-1
Saddle Brook, NJ. 07663
Phone: 201-797-3332
Fax: 201-797-9190
1004 Bird Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
Voice: (408) 297-4448
Fax: (408) 275-8060
2933 Vauxhall Rd.
Vauxhall, NJ 07088
Voice: (800) FENCING
Fax: (908)810-8667
101 East Main St.
Elkin, NC 28621
Voice: (336) 835-7774
Fax: (336) 835-4099
Chest protectors for men and women.

Zivkovic Modern Fencing

The official home page of the United States Fencing Association

The Western PA Division of USFA

Pittsburgh Scholastic Fencing Conference

Bethel Park HS Fencing

Tournament Software
Scorekeeping software for PDAs

This is the only card game for fencing I have ever seen!
This is a rather cool T-shirt site.
A different T-shirt site with some cool designs.  They also have mugs, bags, and other assorted items.
This site has some interesting little gadgets for fencing practice.

If you find any fun sites you can email them to me at: