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North Hills Fencing Club

Useful Stuff
Coaching Staff
Rules, Requirements, and Costs

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Beginners Classes
We periodically hold 5 session beginners classes; the cost is $15 per student.  We will be running another beginners' class starting October.  If you would like to be included in email announcements of beginner's classes and events please email Coach Davis . See below for details:

DATES: October 2008






ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE FIRST PRACTICE:  loose jeans/sweatpants, t-shirt, tennis shoes



I will have the rules, medical waivers, etc, at the first practice for everyone.  Nothing money wise is due at the first practice because I like everyone to get to know what it’s all about before they commit anything to our club.  At the second practice $12 for a glove and $15 for the beginners’ classes is due.  Checks are made payable to “Amber Davis”.   The medical waiver (which also states that the fencer has read and agrees to the safety rules of the club) is also due at the second practice.  No one is allowed to use the foils until they have turned in their dues and medical waivers.  Boys will have to wear cups when we start using the foils. The club has some chest protectors for the girls (also required protective equipment) that fit into pockets in the fencing jackets; these can be ordered from any fencing equipment company if the fencer would like to have their own.  This protection will not be needed at the first or second class as we will still be going over the basics of footwork and hand positions. 


Tuesdays 6-8 pm and Fridays 6-8 pm at NHCBC.  (No fencing on the 3rd Tuesday of every month)

Costs and Requirements
For non-North Hills School District Students the cost is $15 per month per person.  All fencers must read and abide by the rules of NHFC and sign the Medical Waiver.  These can be found on the Rules, Requirements, and Costs page.  All fencers are required to purchase a fencing glove, which can be ordered online or through the NHFC coaching staff.  Families of 3 or more fencers(Non North Hills School District) only pay $40 per month total. All fencers must register as USFA members. North Hills School District Students pay $50 yearly dues and participate in 1-2 fundraisers per year.

Drills to do at home
Check out the drills on our Useful Stuff page.