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North Hills Fencing Club

Rules, Requirements, and Costs
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Rules, Requirements, and Costs


NHFC Medical Waiver

Costs & Requirements

NHFC Rules

NHFC Rules

  1. Respect the coaching staff.
  2. ~Instructions given by the coaching staff are to be followed promptly and completely. Due to the nature of the sport, incorrect footwork, posture, stretching, etc. could result in injury. Due to the limited amount of practice time and coaching staff, complete cooperation is necessary in order to prepare sufficiently for competition. While fencing is intended to be fun and enjoyable, instructions must be followed. Students who do not follow instructions slow down the rest of the team and disrupt practices.

  3. Blade safety
  4. ~NEVER, EVER point a blade at someone who is not wearing a mask and jacket.

    ~The tip of the blade should always point down when you are not fencing.

    ~Always check the blade before fencing. The blade should: be warmed up, posses (in the case of practice foils) an undamaged rubber tip, be free of inappropriate curves. (i.e. an upward bend, a "s"curve, or severe downward curve) If you have not been shown the proper way to correct inappropriate curves ask a member of the coaching staff to help you.

  5. General Clothing and Equipment Requirements
  6. ~Masks must always be worn while fencing or doing drills. Masks must fit correctly and bibs must be flat.

    ~Jackets must always be worn while fencing or doing drills. Jackets must fit correctly and be fastened properly.

    ~A fencing glove must always be worn on the fencing hand during bouts.

    ~Girls must always wear chest protectors when fencing or doing drills.

    ~Boys must always wear cups when fencing or doing drills.

    ~NO SHORTS ALLOWED. Jeans, knickers, or capris are acceptable. If knickers or capris are worn they must be worn with over the knee socks. No leg skin may be visible.

    ~Shoes are required at all times and must have good traction. Dress shoes and boots are not allowed.

    ~If you have ankle and/or knee problems you should be wearing ankle wraps and/or knee braces. This sport is particularly hard on both knees and ankles.

  7. Treatment of club equipment
  8. ~No club equipment may be borrowed without the consent of the head coach Amber Davis. If you borrow equipment you must sign it out and in, in the equipment book. Ms. Davis must also sign off for the loan in the equipment book.

    ~Treat the club equipment with respect; this is not your property.

    ~Any damage to the equipment is to be reported to Ms. Davis immediately.

    ~Do not use any equipment that is damaged, especially a blade that is loose.

  9. Practice Facility
  10. ~No fencer may leave the building during a practice.

    ~Fencers are restricted to the main fencing area and the bathrooms.

    ~Anything that is not NHFC equipment or the fencer’s personal possessions or equipment is not to be touched or damaged in any way. This includes but is not limited to: the ceiling, ceiling fans, decorations put up by other organizations, and other organization’s equipment.

  11. Fencing Etiquette

~Always salute before and after bouting/drills/lessons

~Always shake ungloved hands with your opponent/partner/coach after bouting/drills/lessons

~DO NOT drop or throw equipment. Unsportsman-like behavior will not be tolerated.


Violations of these rules will be addressed in the following manner as necessary:

  1. Fencer will not be allowed to fence.
  2. Parents will be contacted
  3. Fencer will be removed from NHFC