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North Hills Fencing Club

Fort Couch Middle School
Useful Stuff
Coaching Staff
Rules, Requirements, and Costs

Here are 2 sets of directions, the first is from the USC coach. Alternatively you can check out Mapquest's directions with the address.

515 Fort Couch Road, Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

~Take route 19 south until you reach Ft. Couch Road, (there will be a CVS on your left and a bagel shop on your right).

~Turn right on Ft. Couch follow past Eisenhower Elementary School, and continue until you see the next school on your left, (Not too much further along).

~Turn left into the school which sits down below Ft. Couch Rd. The gym is around back.

More detailed directions:

~McKnight Road to 279 - South

~Veterans Bridge Exit (stay in the left lane)

~Cross the Veterans Bridge (stay in left lane)

~Left lane goes into Liberty Bridge Exit

~Go across Liberty Bridge - Get into left lane (must be in the left lane to go through the liberty tunnels; you will be going onto Route 19 South)

~Stay on Route 19 at McDonalds on the right side of the road make sure at the traffic light you are in the right lane and take the right fork--not the right turn--and continue straight up Route 19 ( Route 19 will change names :West Liberty and Washington Road)

~Keep going straight. You will pass: Potomac Ave; Bower Hill Road; Cedal Blvd.; The Ground Round; Red Lobster; and Highland Road

~After passing Highland Road; at the next traffic light make a right onto Fort Couch Road

~The school is the second school on the left.